All Nokia Mobile Battery Price – April 2013

I will update here All Nokia Mobile Battery Price compatible Batteries and new price list in India. All Nokia Mobile Batteries are Long Lasting,Light weight and Powered by Li-Ion. Most batteries extend their power capacity based on Mobile features, So Find best Matching Batteries for your Needs. All prices are online shopping rate so you can buy this batteries here.

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Nokia Battery BL-5C – Rs.299

Nokia Battery BP-4L - Rs. 799

Nokia Battery BL-5J - Rs. 500

Nokia Battery BL-4C - Rs. 330

Nokia Battery BP-6M - Rs. 520

Nokia Battery BL-5B - Rs. 495

Nokia Battery BL-4CT – Rs. 525

Nokia Battery BP-5M - Rs. 500

Nokia Battery BP-6MT - Rs. 999

Nokia Battery BL-5F - Rs. 575

Nokia Battery BL-4B - Rs. 560

Nokia Battery BL-4U – Rs.899

Nokia Battery BL-5CT – Rs. 995

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