Cheapest LED TV Price Below Rs.20,000 in India

LED TV’s are more cheaper than ordinary TV now.Yes now LED TV Price Starts from just Rs. 8500 rupees in India.My best suggestion for buying LED TV’s only online because Variety of models and Brands available only online and rates are fixed, so you can’t cheated from others.Some popular Brands like Samsung,Onida,LG Offers 24″ LED  TV also below 20.000 rupees so its best time to buy LED TV for your Home.

All Prices are very Closer to Online Sales Price because prices are vary from place to place. So Check Some Online Store best Matching Price.

19-inch LED TV :

Toshiba 19HV10ZE - Rs. 8500

Akai 19Mo3 - Rs. 10,000

Haier LE19C430 - Rs. 9,500

Samsung 19es4000  - Rs. 12,500

22-inch LED TV :

BenQ G2222HDL - Rs. 9,500

Philips 22PFL4556 – Rs. 13,500

LG 22LV2130 - Rs. 14,500

Akai 22D04 - Rs. 15,000

Samsung 22ES5000 - Rs.15,500

Samsung 22D5003 - Rs. 15,500

Onida LEO22NMSF100L - Rs. 16,000

Onida LEO22HMSF504L - Rs. 16,500

Haier LE22T3 - Rs. 18,000

Sony BRAVIA KDL-22EX420 - Rs. 20,000

24-inch LED TV :

Toshiba 24PS10 - Rs. 16,500

Haier LE24C430 - Rs. 15,000

Hitachi LE24T05A - Rs. 15,500

Akai 24D20 - Rs. 15,500

Onida LEO24NMSF100L - Rs. 17,000

Onida LEO24HMSF504L - Rs. 17,500

Hitachi LE24T05A - Rs. 20,000



  1. Magesh says:

    Super price list and i need Sony 40″ LED TV price. can you update soon..

  2. sarvan2012 says:

    Ya…Sure. keep touch with us.

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